Infinity Wars Showcase

Yesterday on the forums, Teremus announced an upcoming series of videos hosted on the Lightmare Youtube Channel to showcase some competitive play, as a lead up to tournament systems being placed into the game.

To start the event, a poll has been put up on the forums, asking the community who they want to watch in the first match.  This article is TOTALLY intended to garner me some more votes, cause what’s the point of a public platform, if not used to corrupt public opinion polls?  If there is any others, I don’t know of them!

Having said that, it would be completely unsportsmanlike to not speak of the competition (and this way I can deflect claims of cheating behind “good intentions”.  Sneaky, like a Vulpani). Continue reading


One more dose of freebies for kickstarter backers!

If you were one of the lucky ones to get aboard the train before it left the station, Lightmare has been generous enough to give us one final thank you.

I will let the Agent himself do the talking. Go get a drink and some snacks, this is a long one that explains the direction Lightmare is going in, as well as why us early adopters got a few extra freebies. Continue reading

Cthulhugirl’s Card Analysis Series

While the rest of the world moves forward in technology, I remain set in my ways.  The Infinity Wars community often talks about their favourite Twitch streamers, who provide interactive game sessions where people can watch the streamer play and chat and connect.  While its great for community building, which I am VERY much a proponent of, it’s not my style.

Im a Youtube fan, personally.  A year ago I did my own videos in Alpha, but then real life happened and the time I had to make videos disappeared. That left Youtube void of any real community members to hold the flag.  Sure, a review pops up here and there, but no-one who is really integrated themselves with the Infinity Wars community has taken up the mantle. Continue reading

Infinite Evolution #3 – The Sages of Ten Thousand Years

At the core of many DoD decks are one of three cards, a sort of in-faction cycle. The Sages are often used as the grease in the wheels of whatever strategy a DoD player is running, be it Daode bumping up the rear end of a Flame Dawn rush, or Lingbao turning traitor and working with Verore, using his strategy and their death spells to break the opponents morale. Or perhaps you use Daode and Yuanshi in tandem, breaking down your opponents side of the field while strengthening your own. The point is, the Sages are very popular, but what do we know about them? Where have they come from in terms of gameplay and lore?

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I just realised that I spoke in game, and I spoke on reddit and I think I spoke on forums, but I didnt speak here, which would have made the MOST sense.

You may notice (or perhaps not… You should stalk more) that I haven’t updated in a while.  My father had a stroke a few weeks ago, and I have driven across Australia to help out for a while. I also got a job while I am here, to help me afford to pay two rents and get back home eventually and all the fun things that happens. As such, I am not really left with a lot of time for card games, digital or otherwise.

And since I am not playing about card games, I am also not WRITING about them, and thus this website is being neglected.

I apologise, and I do hope to be back in South Australia and regularly updating again in about two or three weeks!

Recycle: Living Amongst the Flame Dawn

As I am currently very busy IRL, I do not have time to do a new article today.  As such, I figured I would grab one of my more popular articles from another website and repost it here. This was fanfiction, however, it made such an impression on the powers that be, it was adopted as official canon (and got me the job writing for Lightmare).

Ignore the narrator, he was a personal incarnation I wanted to put in for funsies. Everything else about the Flame Dawn is officially canon.

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